The childhood us, at one point or another, have fantasized about working at big shots like Google and Microsoft. Whether it be for prestige, money or just to make neighbourhood aunties jealous, our subtle motivation to do so can be arguably traced back to working hard for a decent JEE rank from an early age. Even for most of the adult-us, the 3/3.5 years of college is nothing but an academic furnace leading to that one interview, that one ‘Yes’ of acceptance until sense of security sweeps us off our feet.

The natural instinct to be sheltered by security is the reason college placements are popular among the passing undergraduates. But the startup revolution in India in last decade has shook the conventional grounds a little, if not more.

“If there is no security, why startup then?” Well, if you to want make it big, and I mean millionaire big, it would not just be difficult but almost impossible to achieve through regular 9-5 job choice. A right idea, at the right time, with a right team and being backed by right VCs might just be able to inundate your bank account. I know so many fricking ‘right’s are required that it isn’t difficult to make it go wrong, but who said it was going to be easy.

While a corporate job offers one-person-fits-one-kind-of-job gig, a startup would provide you with diverse responsibilities, that would help you in learning multitude of skills and self-growth. If you are the type who likes to take credit for his/her work, then maybe startup is for you. But, you also have to be responsible when you screw up. It’s your neck on the line and your work output determines whether it would be choked or massaged. That trepidation is what would motivate you to go extra miles and more to stay at the top of your game.

A tight formal dress with a necktie might choke a few, literally and metaphorically. Startup environment offers you the freedom to put on a baggy tshirt and jeans and show up at work in flippers. I agree attire alone isn’t exactly the best pulling factor, but the bigger picture is it gives you creative freedom. How you achieve a bigger end goal isn’t rigid. Everyone is listened to. Not every idea you pitch to the table is necessarily the best or even right, but you learn from your mistakes. Thus, when you do make a transition to larger organisation, you may land in bigger roles, given your startup experience.

Despite many perks, the bitter fact remains that out of thousands of startups, only a few succeed. For most youngsters, it must feel real bad when the idealism and hot blood in the springtime of their youth don’t transition into success, especially when you did have a good idea and everything else you did was also right. But, in the end it comes down to intense competition, where only the best manage to squeeze through and get in the limelight. Needless to mention, there will always be that stereotypical fat auntie who would sting you for choosing startups and comment on your ups and downs(mostly downs) with their critiques. In the end, if you are still up for it, you, my friend, are a daredevil.

The success of startups such as MakeMyTrip, Flipkart, Quickr, Zomato,, Practo, Inmobi and many more give some hope and assurance that the end of the path is not always bleak. To boost startup industry, the government has come up with a project called Startup India, which provides 4 week online learning program covering introduction to entrepreneurship, ideation, legal aspects, financial basics, pitching, term sheets,etc. Further, the government has set up research parks, incubators and startup centers across the country to strengthen the ecosystem of startups. Fund of funds worth Rs. 10,000 crore has also been allocated to help startups gain access to funding.

After reading all this, if you are still interested, why not start now? “How?” you may wonder.

Innovation Garage provides you with the perfect platform to hone you managerial and technical skills. 2 startups have come out of IG in past 3 years and you could always contact them, or even better, work with them, to get a head start way before you start your own company. The vast network of IG comprising of alumni, seniors and other startup founders are just one call away to personally clear your doubts. If you want to work on an idea, the incubation center is open 24×7, equipped with most of the necessary tools. Also, the AC is Amaaaaaazinggggg and Awesome and Naaaice and whatnot, a much better choice compared to Warangal’s life sucking heat.

In the end, I personally don’t believe a startup is superior or inferior compared to corporate jobs. The question is what is compatible with your work culture. If you are risk-averse type, startup wouldn’t be a wise choice. If you get bored with limited and repetitive work, maybe corporate job wouldn’t suit you so well. Now to end the article with a dreamy, highly optimistic and somewhat mysterious note, listen to your inner self, and go where your heart leads you.




-Gaurab Manandhar