Walking on the ever familiar path from the hostels to NAB our eyes involuntarily tend to gaze upon one of the most magnificent buildings in campus, the Innovation and Incubation Center. Home of the Innovation Garage. NITW’s very own brainchild. It stands ever inviting, leaving us in wonder about what lies behind the fancy walls and glass windows. But the question is,

Why wonder? 

Open 24 hours all 7 days a week for anyone and everyone, Innovation Garage provides an incredible platform for students to put forth their ideas, gain exposure to a multitude of ideologies and thought processes, interact with experts in the field and gain immense practical knowledge. We should consider ourselves lucky to have been provided with such a platform.

As a first year student in this college, one would normally be overwhelmed by the coursework, CGPA, assignments and so on and so forth. The question may arise, “How would Innovation Garage help me in any way?”. 

With a large number of events, Innovation Garage serves as a source to boost your knowledge and skill set in this ever technologically advancing world. 

IG has stepped into this academic year with full force. Garage Gossip, which consists weekly talks on various topics from highly experienced and knowledgeable students as well as alumni, was started this year. The IG open house aimed at giving all first years an insight as to what IG is all about. A workshop was conducted by the Facebook team at IG where students were introduced to new concepts and ideas and were given a chance to implement them practically under the guidance of able mentors. The most recent Arduino Workshop for freshers was a great success with over 475+ participants and 168 teams, we introduced them to the vast and endless world of coding to inspire creative new projects and ideas. Makeathon is an event IG is very widely known for and we have plans to make this year’s Makeathon bigger and better than ever.

As first years we’d tend to think that studies are everything. But the kind of learning atmosphere that IG provides cannot be found elsewhere. The above mentioned events and activities provide us with valuable practical knowledge which cannot be obtained from any textbook. The working atmosphere present in IG is very casual yet productive. There are a multitude of opportunities apart from technical development. Several management roles and positions such as coordination and publicity also give a great insight to the work that is put into the successful organisation of an event.

IG is meant to disrupt the way students and faculty work on campus, and how NITW is projectedIt gives us space to express, learn, create and innovate. We should definitely make full use of this amazing platform that has been provided to us and make the most of the available opportunities.