Since the inception of Innovation Garage around two years ago, it has given rise to lot of projects, friendships, interests and the list goes on. IG has become a phenomena in the recent times, built by those whose sleepless nights and persistence gave foundation to a platform that helps transform ideas to reality. In order to expand,extend and excel in its services, IG has always welcomed, cultivated and inculcated new ways and ideas. We have come a long way from having just a few bean bags and bread boards to what we are now. This blog aims on bringing you the inside stories, activities and projects happening in IG as well as a lot of interesting content to feed, inspire and motivate ambitious minds all around the world (Nope, not stopping at NITW. We are ever-expanding)

And remember, IG can only move forward with the enthusiasm of each and every one of you. So if you still haven’t visited IG, come visit. If you have visited, but you didn’t know what to do, approach the regulars (they are all more than willing to help). If you want to contribute to this blog, just contact us via email.

Stay tuned for more updates and Cheers to a new beginning! 😀